I'm a software engineer based in Barcelona 🌊 with over 10 years of experience in the IT industry.

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📧 [email protected]

🔗 https://www.linkedin.com/in/cristiancaroli/

🛠 Skills

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👷‍♂️ Latest Work Experience

Sr Engineering Manager @ Stuart

February 2022 - now

Stuart is a last-mile delivery company B2B and I'm in charge of the engineering side of the Supply & Demand department which takes care of balancing, forecasting and incentives for operations in 6 different countries and several markets.

I'm accountable for 5 engineering teams that deliver high quality ML models for demand forecasting, courier incentives as well as dashboards, internal tooling and reporting to support the day-to-day operations. Also, in charge of the Finance team that handles the technical side of invoicing and commercial SLAs.

Engineering Manager @ Twitter

July 2021 - February 2023

I led 2 teams with a floating total of 12 engineers that are in charge of building ads products for professionals.

Particularly, Quick Promote which is a little promote button you get in some of your tweets if you have a professional account and it makes tens of millions of $ a year. The other product is Simple Ads, a fast campaign creation flow that lets you publish an ad in less than 5 minutes with wonderful outcomes.

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